freelance network administrator

Network administrators design, manage, and maintain technological networks. They work within organizations and government agencies to oversee local area networks, wide area networks, network segments, and other data communication systems as needed.

Network administrators provide support and oversight alike, working closely with colleagues to explain how to use data storage and communication networks and ensure efficiency. Often part of a larger, computer-related operational staff, network administrators may supervise computer support and computer systems specialists.

What Does a Network Administrator Do?
Companies and organizations using more than one computer to carry out necessary functions usually employ network administrators. Network administrators make sure computer software and operating systems work properly and stay updated. These professionals oversee the information technology within an organization, serving as the go-to people for major computer or technical issues.

Network administrators may hold specialized certifications or bachelor's or graduate degrees. Professionals in this field earn a generous median annual salary of $82,050, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that they will experience a steady 5% job growth rate in the coming years.

Network administrators acquire hard skills through educational programs and practical experience. With knowledge of network types and functions, these professionals build competencies in programming languages, software and hardware management, and network security. These essential skills allow network administrators to carry out best practices as reliable professionals.
Local Area Network: Local area networks (LAN) connect computers within limited areas, such as rooms, buildings, or collections of buildings. LANs serve anywhere from two to hundreds of users, allowing for connection, communication, and collaboration. Network administrators understand and implement LAN software and hardware requirements while maintaining and updating their functions.
freelance network administrator
Wide Area Network: A wide area network, or WAN, covers a large geographic radius, connecting computers for private telecommunications. WANs incorporate LANs, often bringing together groups in distant cities, states, or countries. Network administrators supervise the installation and maintenance of WANs from a designated central location or by visiting remote locations.

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